A Personal Reflection on the importance of LCM UT

Why am I an ELCA Lutheran Campus Pastor?

 Campus Ministry in Lutheran style is just different from most of the many ministries on campus. We emphasize “justification by grace through faith”, and that gives us a different feel. We don’t push the Bible down your throat, but dialogue about the life-giving Word of God. The Bible, by the way, is also a very human document, and not all of it is so helpful today.  We read it seriously, not always literally.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at UT was at the forefront of historical-critical Biblical Scholarship at the UT campus when UT had almost no religion courses. LCM supported de-segregation of UT before that was popular. Lutherans were early supporters of women’s ordination and full-equality in the leadership of the church. LCM UT has been open and affirming to GLBT students for decades.

Students really do lead in our ELCA ministries. We worship in many different styles, but always share Christ’s meal. We see ourselves walking in partnership with Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ and frequently Roman Catholic believers, to name a few. We seek positive dialogue with Jews, Muslims and other non-Christian faith traditions on campus. Finally, despite many human imperfections, we are a COMMUNITY OF FRIENDS IN CHRIST. I was personally touched deeply by God’s grace through this community when I was a student. Join us, and share the light of Christ.

                                                                     In Christ, Pastor Paul


WE HAVE A BUSY WEEK AT LCM!  Friends are always welcome!

We are looking for leaders for  LCM next year!

 TUESDAY, 8 pm, Sophia (Women’s Bible Study) “Living the Questions”

WEDNESDAY, 3 – 4:30 pm, LCM Fair Trade and Malaria Initiative Outreach Table, West Mall. 

WEDNESDAY, 7pm, FREE Dinner. Guest:   After meal clean-up help is always welcome for about 20 minutes.   

THURSDAY, 6 pm, Man Group, “Living the Questions”

 FRIDAY, noon, Coffee and Conversation with Pastor Paul, Java City,  entrance to PCL. Conversations are in English or Spanish depending on the crowd.

SUNDAY, 7pm Worship using the “Alleluia Liturgy”


ASH WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5:  Dinner at 6pm (1hr early)

Ash Wednesday Worship 7pm, University CATHOLIC Center.

 Spring Break Trip to Garner State Park, March 7, 8 and 9th. 

Weekend of Taize, March 21-23 at First Baptist, Austin.  Register at:   : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/taize-pilgrimage-of-trust-austin-tickets-10049721989

March 28 or 29th: Going out to eat at the Salt Lick

March 29 9am:  Lutheran Student Center Workday.

Service Events: Food Pantry, or Habitat, or……

Intramural Softball


Kohn-Hutter and Leon G Bohls Scholarship applications due March 31.  We are able to award around $40,000 this year.  Apply on LCM’s website:  www.lcmaustin.org


Drop by Lutheran Campus Ministry to visit and study, anytime.  This is your center.  All are welcome!

Check out our growing on-line community @ thepauselcm.wordpress.com , or join our Facebook group “Lutheran Campus Ministry Austin”

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