Alumni and Friends

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LuMin loves its alumni and friends! You keep the lights on and the spirit of LuMin alive year after year. Thank you for all you do!


Sarah Bristow
Senior; Elementary Education
Testimonial Sarah

Lutheran Campus Ministry was one of the first organizations I found my first semester at UT. I was looking for a group of people who focused on serving God as well as the UT community and I found it at LuMin. LuMin is full of compassionate, Christ-loving people who welcomed me with open arms. I am so thankful LuMin is a place I can call home at UT!

Building Update

Our tentative move-in date is August 10th!  New furniture will arrive that week, and we'll move our office, worship implements, kitchen supplies and more. Consecration for the new space will happen on Reformation Sunday, October 30, 2016.  Our first event is scheduled for August 22nd when we will host our new students for a cookout.  If you would like to help with the move in, contact Pr. Brad Fuerst -

Watch this space for important updates and events!

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