Getting in touch and staying in touch this summer

Staying In Touch or Meeting Us During the Summer

Campus Ministries slow down during the summer, but we don’t stop.  If you’d like to meet us at UT Orientation, look for our weekly tables (Wednesday June 4, and then Mondays at Orientation.)

If you are in town and can join LCM for weekly events, join our “Summer 2014-Lutheran Campus Ministry Austin” Facebook group to stay in touch.  We have a dinner most Wednesdays and go to church together some Sundays plus other more spur of the moment events like swimming or going to Barton Springs, canoeing, watching a SPURS game, helping move things out of the Center, etc.

Our Facebook group and pages “Lutheran Campus Ministry Austin” are great for students to stay in touch during the year. 

If you know a student to refer to any Lutheran Campus Ministry in the country, do that at .

Alumni, Parents and Friends join “Lutheran Campus Ministry Austin Alumni and Friends” on Facebook.

Yes, students stay in touch by Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat among other media, so meet us and get involved.

Why not just drop by the University Lutheran Student Center this summer when you are in town?  We don’t expect our current building to be here much past the middle of September as this property is being developed for student housing and a future Lutheran Campus Ministry Center!!

First Fall Events:  Worship, Sunday, August 24th 7pm

                                Wednesday BBQ Dinner, August 27th, 7pm

                                Labor Day Float Trip, September 1, 10am

Tuesday Dinner, September 2, 7pm (University Presbyterian)

Saturday, September 6, 2:30pm Celebration of the University Lutheran Center

Saturday, September 6, 3:30pm TAILGATE at the University Lutheran Center

We know God’s Spirit will inspire and guide us this summer as always.  In Christ,

                                                                                Pastor Paul

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