Xie Xie, Happy Thanksgiving!

Xie Xie

The word I spoke most frequently, during my year of living in China was Xie Xie or Thank You. In a country where language meant nothing to me, this word expressed my eternal gratitude for the people of China. When I needed help…which was all the time since their language and customs were foreign to me, they stepped in to help.

Accepting their aid with appreciation, I looked people in the eye and said Xie Xie. Their unspoken communication in return, was a broad smile and a bow, indicating they were glad to help.

No matter where you are in the world, the words used to express gratitude bind us together, as we see each other eye to eye and recognize our common humanity. I give thanks that Jesus modeled a way for us to see God’s light in each person.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. May you give thanks and see God’s light in all you meet this Thanksgiving and Advent season.


Due to the short school week, many activities will not be scheduled this week.  However, find ways to study or pray, support those in need, or have coffee and conversation with your family and friends. 

Activities Scheduled This Week:  

Tuesday: 7pm SOPHIA Foods of the Bible

Thursday:  Happy Turkey Day with your family.

Sunday Worship 7PM. Gather together after being absent from one another for the first Sunday in Advent Worship using “Holden Evening Prayer”,   Contact us if you’d like to sing, play an instrument, etc. 

NEXT WEEK: We go back to our regular activities, with the addition of the:

Friday, December 6, 7-11pm, PROGRESSIVE DINNER & CHRISTMAS PARTY (Appetizers at Kathryn’s, Main Course at Melissa’s, and Dessert & Exchanging Gifts (<$5) at Pastor Paul’s.

Sunday, December 8, DEAD DAY DECATHLON after Worship (hanging out, playing games, studying as late as you want to or all night)

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