The When and Where:

2100 San Antonio @ 7PM


So what's up with worship this Sunday?

It's All Saints Sunday.

See Events for details.

What to expect in worship...

The LuMin community worships "in a round" not just so students can see each other and offer each other a friendly smile, but also to keep the central things of worship, well...


God's Water, Word, and Meal form and inform our entire being.  so you'll see what we call a "font" that will always contain water. It's not "holy water" with the special power to fry vampires. It's purpose is for the baptized to come and splash their foreheads to remind them of their own once-and-for-all baptism when God named and claimed them to do life together as the Body of Christ.

NOTE: If you've not been baptized and would like to know more about it, just ask the campus pastor.  He kinda likes talking about baptism.

God's Word is also CENTRAL, and while we don't have a pulpit, we do pass around a Bible-looking thing called a "lectionary" that students will take turns reading from.  You'll usually hear a reading from the Hebrew scripture (a.k.a. Old Testament), a psalm which usually gets sung, a reading from an epistle written to the early church (yup, we like reading other people's mail), and finally a snippet from one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.)

After all these readings, the pastor or a guest preacher or a student or the spiritual director will round out the proclamation of the Word with what we call a sermon.

The MEAL is also CENTRAL, so you'll see a table in the middle with some wine and bread set on it. After the gathering and the Word, comes this meal, variously known as Holy Communion, Eucharist, the Mass, the Lord's Supper, and there's probably other words for it...Anyway, the community will stand and gather close and do a dialogue with the presider at the table, the presider will remind everybody of God's saving history and activity in the world, and eventually the presider will say the words of institution that begin with, "In the night in which he was betrayed..." Those words - not the presider - are pretty special...because in the saying of them, we believe Christ becomes truly present in the bread and the wine.  So that when you receive just one of these two elements, you receive the risen Christ. 

All are welcome to the Lord's table. It's not ours, and ALL means ALL.

Singing, silence, prayer, passing of the peace, and offering our gifts are part and parcel of keeping these central things CENTRAL.

Come and See!

Try it out.

It's kinda cool to encounter... 



A Bigger Story






Christ's Love


And much much more each Sunday...

Through God's CENTRAL things.