At LuMin we welcome all students
into a loving community where they can experience God’s grace through worship, friendship, and the opportunity to serve.
Our core values are community, inclusion, servanthood, inquisitiveness, and generosity.

LuMin is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


August 27th-28th - Annual float trip and Leadership Retreat @ T Bar M Ranch

August 28th @ 7 PM - First Worship of the Semester @ Texas Hillel

August 30th  @ 7 PM - First Tuesday Night Dinner @ University Presbyterian 




   Every Sunday
   7pm - 8pm
   Texas Hillel
2105 San Antonio St

   Every Tuesday
   7pm - 8pm
   University Presbyterian
2203 San Antonio St

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LuMin forms an open, inviting and grace-centered community of followers of Jesus who are nourished by friendship, service, Word and Sacrament. We are “Reconciling in Christ,” open and affirming to the GLBTQ community.

Testimonial Mary

Last year I was a freshman facing all the typical freshman problems. I missed home, campus was too big, and it was hard to make new friends. At several points over the year I considered dropping out at summer. But by chance I found LuMin and it opened up so many doors. This ministry and its members became my home away from home and helped me survive my freshman year. I believe God led me to LuMin to help me through the hard times and give me guidance to improve my future. Through LuMin, I have gotten to know God in a more personal manner and have found lots of friends along the way.

-Mary Hoffmann | Sophomore; Geology

Testimonial Jo

I did not come from a Lutheran background. My family and I switched around to a lot of different Christian denominations searching for one that fit. We found one that stuck, but after a few years of going there, we stopped going to church at all. I still had God in my life, but no community with which to share in God’s blessings. Prior to coming to UT, I made a goal to join a Christian organization. I tried out a couple different ones, still searching for that perfect fit. I found just what I was looking for when my friend Ellen invited me to try out Lutheran Campus Ministry. I was a little shy at first, not quite ready to engage in discussion about beliefs, since I had no experience with Lutheranism and didn’t want to say something “wrong” or “dumb”. But instead of scrutiny or judgement, I found a group of welcoming and accepting people who wanted to hear what I had to say. We are students with a greater purpose, a purpose to reach out through the arms of Christ and share the blessings we have been given. Not only has this group made an impact on my life at college, but through the values and mindset I have learned here, it will continue to drive the way I live.

-JoAnna Boy | Junior; Mechanical Engineering

Testimonial Tom

I've been attending LuMin ever since I came to UT, and I've always found it to be an incredibly welcoming place. Not only has it provided me with an opportunity to continue worship and keep up my faith, but it has given me an amazing group of people to hang out and share problems with. The Tuesday night dinners have been some of the times at UT that I feel the most at home, providing a home-cooked meal in a family setting. The Sunday services feel simultaneously the same and different to a regular Lutheran church, as it follows a similar structure but is made unique by the talents of the students. My experience at UT has definitely been enhanced by my time with LuMin.

-Tom Blaney | Junior; Civil Engineering