At LCM we welcome all students
into a loving community where they can experience God’s grace through worship, friendship, and the opportunity to serve.
Our core values are community, inclusion, servanthood, inquisitiveness, and generosity.

LCM is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


August 27th-28th - Annual float trip and Leadership Retreat @ T Bar M Ranch

August 28th @ 7 PM - First Worship of the Semester @ Texas Hillel

August 30th  @ 7 PM - First Tuesday Night Dinner @ University Presbyterian 




   Every Sunday
   7pm - 8pm
   Texas Hillel
2105 San Antonio St

   Every Tuesday
   7pm - 8pm
   University Presbyterian
2203 San Antonio St

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LCM forms an open, inviting and grace-centered community of followers of Jesus who are nourished by friendship, service, Word and Sacrament. We are “Reconciling in Christ,” open and affirming to the GLBTQ community.

I came to LCM from a different perspective than most. I had never attended Lutheran church, or much of any church, before the first time I came to Wednesday dinner my freshman year with a friend. I was nervous because I didn't know anything about being Lutheran, and because as a queer woman, I couldn't imagine that there would be a space for me in any Christian organization. I was wrong. LCM has turned out to be one of the most friendly and supportive groups I've ever encountered. As someone who is unwelcome in many Christian organizations, I can say for sure that I am welcomed at LCM.
-Lauren Moore | Junior; English, Spanish

I’ve found in LCM something that was fundamentally different than what I had known growing up in church. Many find church as something to do on Sunday, but in LCM, I found a group of people that were all consciously involved in what the church is doing. Since everything is run by the students, I was able to be as involved as I wanted in service, fellowship, and worship. I have come to know so many awesome people through my time at LCM, whether it be during worship or late night study sessions at the center or bible studies. I can confidently say that my time at UT would be vastly different had I not come to LCM, and the free coffee and food hasn’t hurt either.
-Tim Slivensky | Junior; Management Information Systems

I started coming to the Sunday services during my first year at UT, and I am incredibly glad that I decided to participate in everything else LCM offers. Generally, I do as much as I can with Lutheran Campus Ministry throughout the school year and whenever I am in town whether it’s worship, fellowship or volunteering. I have been integrated into the community here through all the Wednesday dinners, bible study sessions and worship services so that the LCM feels like home base. My base is not a physical place; it’s a group of people with whom I have formed impenetrable relationships and memories, and there is no amount of stress or worry that can get to me while I am there.
-Dana McGuffin | Senior; Chemical Engineering