LuMin Events this week:

I T ' S   T A I L G A T E   T U E S D A Y!

Pr. Brad and Vicar Wes will be flipping up burgers with any students who would also like to volunteer their time. Prep begins around 3PM. Charcoal grilled burgers of the carnivorous and herbivorous kind will be served from 5-7PM!

P A R T Y   O N   T H E   P L A Z A 

On Wednesday this week, the Speedway will be riddled with registered student organizations jockeying for your time and energy. LuMin will be out there, but we'll be there to simply love on you with an ice pop. (And hey, if you'd like to offer some of your time and energy to LuMin, we'll receive you with open arms and a full measure of God's grace!) Swing on by between 12-6PM.

A N N U A L   F L O A T   T R I P

This annual tradition returns. Come float the Comal with us in New Braunfels! For $25 you'll get to max and relax with LuMin folx, then return to Austin for outdoor worship and a cook out afterwards. There's no classes on Monday, the Longhorns will have won their game the day before...Come connect and celebrate with us on the Comal! 

S U N D A Y   W O R S H I P

Thanks to one of our partnering congregations, St. Martin's Lutheran Church, we're able to worship in their beautiful, spacious, air-conditioned space until it cools down and/or this pandemic subsides. We wear face masks as we're gathered around Water, Word, and Meal. 5PM @ 606 W. 15th St. (Entrance off of 15th - parking available across the street) This week, burgers will be served afterwards.

D A I L Y   B R E A D 

Our food resource - run by students for students - serves college students in need of food for the week. The doors will be open for you to "grocery shop" 6-9PM @ 2100 San Antonio.

Lutheran Campus Ministry - Austin


LuMin has a place...

...for you at 2100 San Antonio. The LuMin Center provides a third place where you can chill, worship, pray, eat, connect with a friend, meet with our spiritual director or campus pastor, watch TV, find sanctuary, or just be WHILST ALSO adhering to "Protect Texas Together" Covid 19 protocols.


All who enter 2100 San Antonio are expected to wear their masks, wash their hands, and maintain 6' distance.


Want to know more? Click "More Info" for, well...more info.

Learn More About Us

LuMin-Austin welcomes all students into a loving community where you can experience God's grace through worship, friendship, and the opportunity to serve.


LuMin-Austin is an inclusive community that embraces all people, including those of all cultures, races, gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations. As a Reconciled in Christ community, we do everything we can to insure LGBTQIA+ students feel safe and loved. As ones who are in the always in the process of becoming anti-racists, we seek opportunities be active allies to our BIPOC siblings.


We're a campus ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Contact LuMin

Wanna get coffee?

Wanna talk about faith or the lack thereof?

Wanna drop out?

Wanna sing "A Mighty Fortress" over the phone?

Wanna roll with folks who are about addresssing the hurts of the world?

Want a home-cooked meal?

Want to get ahold of us for any reason?

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LuMin Austin


Whether you’re Liberal or Conservative, Black or White, Queer or Straight, Lutheran or (fill in your denominational label here), Muslim or Jew, Student or Staff, Weird or Normal, Broken or Mended, Documented or Undocumented, blah-dee-blah or yada-yada – you are welcome here!

True for all of college students who've managed to scroll this far down is this:  You're attending college during unprecedented times. It's extroardinarily challenging to form relationships and to simply be a young adult in the midst of so much uncerntainty. What I want you to know is this: God's all-inclusive love and grace are staples among LuMin-Austin.

In the five years I've served this campus ministry, I can say LuMin is a community of faith so immersed in God’s grace that we endeavor to love and serve the University of  Texas, St. Edward's University, and Austin Community College - not as we ought but as we’re able. God does this through our Sunday worship, our meals together, our listening to each other, our welcoming the shunned, and  through healing the broken-hearted. Though, for this time we may have to tweak how we do worship or have our meals together, no pandemic, no social ill, no stress, sadness, or fear in your life is too big for the God you'll encounter when you do life among this LuMin worship community.

If you’re curious about faith, turned off by Christians, or about to quit Church, come by 2100 San Antonio...OR talk with some of our LuMin volunteering @ Daily Bread on Mondays and Tailgate Tuesdays…OR stop by and talk with me during my “outdoor office hours”* on under the portico @ 2100 San Antonio.  You won’t regret it.

Grace to you!

Pr. Brad Fuerst