LuMin - Austin

What's happenin'...

Game Night

Come-and-go style game night at our center.  You've just moved in; welcome to Austin!

Now come have some fun and meet new friends @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120!


Time and Place:

7 PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120


Cookout and First Worship

Come enjoy table fellowship then let's worship together! 

NOTE: If your parents are still around, bring them! This worship will include a special blessing for both you and them.


Time and Place:

5:30 PM  - Brats, burgers, and veggie burgers fresh off the grill

7 PM - Worship.

2100 San Antonio, Suite 120


Ice Cream Social

Culver's soft serve has been donated for the occasion. Look, it's hot yo! Come cool down in some pretty decent digs with some yummy ice cream, and pretty neat Longhorn friends.



Time and Place:

Meet @ 12 'til whenever

2100 San Antonio, Suite 120


Scout out classes with us!

Email one of our fearless leaders - Libby or Madision - and they'll connect  you with a friendly class-scouting LuMinator to help you find where you're classes meet.

Time and Place:

To be figured out.