LuMin - Austin

What's happenin'...

First Worship! Get Blessed!

If your parents are still in town, bring 'em! If they're not, get your butt to  worship anyway! This first worship will include a special blessing for parents going through high-anxiety, struggling with supressing their jubilation, and/or confronting empty nest syndrome.  You students will also receive a blessing as you embark on this new school year!


And of course, our first worship would not be complete with out some robust singing, prayers, a brief sermon, the passing of the peace and the Eucharist!


Time and Place:

7PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120 

A Good Ol' BBQ Welcome!

Come enjoy the best BBQ in Texas -  Franklin's BBQ -

with new and returning students! 


Time and Place:

6 PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120

Scout out classes with LuMin

The 40 Acres can be a big place!

f you think it'd be helpful to

have someone

familiar with UT 

to scout out

where your classes

are being held...

come on!


Email Bianca, to get paired up with member of the Lumin community!


Time and Place:

6 PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120

Ice Cream Social

Blue Bell.


UT friendlies.

'nuff said.


Time and Place:

3 PM 'til whenever @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120

Free Sno Cones!

Your first opportunity to serve...or be served!

Austin heat's a real aggie this time a year...

get a free snocone on the west mall.


Feel what it's like

to share a bit of God's grace

with overheated Longhorrns:


Help serve them!

Email Britta if you're able to help!


Time and Place:

10:30 AM on the West Mall until we're spent.

Annual Float Trip

Time to float the Comal!

Come celebrate the "River of Life" with LuMin.

This is a time of tubes, cool water, and afterwards burgers, brats, refreshments and games. You'll be back to Austin by 8PM

Time and Place:

Meet up @ 9AM @ 2100 for a hot breakfast

Leave @ 10AM

Travel for floatin' fun in New Braunfels

Be back by 8PM

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