LuMin - Austin

What's happenin'...

Racism and Scapegoating

Fr. James Alison – a gay Catholic priest – will join an interactive panel to discuss how humanity’s blame-shifting has perpetuated racism in the Western world. Fr. Alison will propose ways that Christian teachings might aid efforts in seeking justice and eradicating racism.

Time and Place:

7PM @ The Black Box Theater (SAC)

Open Table Tuesday

This Tuesday's Open Table Menu will be prepared by Pr. Chef Brad and features a German American fusion menu: Grilled Hamburgers and beer-soaked brats (Veggie Burgers will also be provided), German Potato Salad (not that gloppy stuff that serves as mayo delivery system...Pr. Brad's has bacon), Mint-laced, it's someone's birthday (mooohahaha)

Chef Pr. Brad and whoever else feels the Spirit calling them to serve it up for the LuMin commumity will begin preparing this meal @ First English @ 5PM. 

Time and Place:

7 PM @ 3001 Whitis

(First English Lutheran Church)