Got Doubt?

Happy Easter! 

The Church makes Easter a 50 day season so that the "faithful" might bask in this outlandish and unexpected news:

Jesus, who lived briefly and died violently has risen unexpectedly!

You’d be well within your sanity to doubt such news. Herein lies the internal wisdom of a church asking folks to come back one week later to hear John 20:19-31.

This gospel text is always read on the Second Sunday of Easter. Why? Because it’s important to remember: We would-be followers are all too often a trembling mass of doubt and fear sequestered behind closed doors. We’re in need of Jesus resurrected and in the room to move us from unfaith back to faith.

The Christian community understands itself most fully as a community of Faith and Doubt. We’re in constant need of Jesus passing through our closed doors, our fearful hearts, our “yeah, but’s…” “only if’s…” and our “not until’s…”

Over the years, I’ve come to expect this insistent and incessant Risen Christ to pass through our many and various doors…every time we gather around Water, Word, and Meal. 

Doubt what I say? Why not come and see for yourself this Sunday?