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The 40 Days of Lent are over, now the 50 Days of Easter have begun!  

Yeah, Baby!

Time to get our 50 Days of Easter on!  

50 days of the Church spazzing out with our "Alleluias!" and our "He has risen, indeeds!"  50 days of Rollicking Resurrection Fun!  You know...like we do.

Except we don't. 

It's kinda weird how the church gets all serious about Lent but all minimalist with Easter. Christ's resurrection is sorta central to the Christian faith. 

No Resurrection = No Christmas. 

As much as people of the Way require a time to return, repent, and remember (Lent), followers of the Risen Christ need time to cut loose and rejoice in Resurrection HOPE. Easter is God's time for the church to just that...  

To celebrate...Like a boss!

Here are are some ways you can get your rollicking Resurrection party on:

  • Break bread with us. (see Events)
  • Spread joy with a free SnoCone! (see Events)
  • Come to the beach with us this weekend! (see Events)
  • Get your butt on the boat! (see Events)
  • Come learn and worship with us this Sunday! (see Calendar on Events)
  • During these 50 days, do this: Really listen to someone.  Really love someone - sacrificially. Really celebrate someone. Be hope for someone. (Look up from your phone.)

Sharing in table fellowship (Open Table Tuesdays), unfettered gifts of grace (SnoCones), caring for God's creation (Beach clean-up retreat), celebrations (our year-end boat trip), learning, worship, daily dying to yourself and rising to new life in Christ - all embody a trust in and celebration of "the resurrection of the body." 

And celebrating thusly - LIKE A BOSS - makes all the difference not solely for us, but for the sake of a hurting world!

Maybe you're nearing the end of an(other) entire school year without giving LuMin a shot. Maybe God is calling you to do something new and different. Maybe you're about to give up on Faith...if any of this resonates, come and see and celebrate with us...in any of the afore mentioned ways.  I promise you, with every fiber of my being, you'll be glad you did!

Grace to you!


P.S. The application deadline for the Kohn-Hutter and Bohls scholarships is April 30th! You can access the scholarship information via the scholarship tab on our website.